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At last in the Uk we have a better, faster and a hell of a lot cheaper way of getting hold of great adult movies and if you've been watching the news you'll know that a lot of other companies around the UK are getting into what's referred to as "streaming" but I know a lot of people are still very confused about what this is, so here are some tips on streaming adult videos & movies.

So let's first address a few key points on what is "Streaming"

Streaming adult movies is a way of watching porn films without the need to download or buy the films, or even leave your house to get great adult entertain ment, as the movies are streamed from our serverss and now that most people have broadband the speed of these streamed movies is so fast that the movie will start playing virtually straight away.

Lets look at a few Qs people ask when consider streaming adult movies

  • Q : How many films can I watch, and is it cheaper to buy more?
  • A : You can watch as many movies as you like, there is no restriction on how many however there are no discount schemes if you buy more than one film at a time.
  • Q : After paying for the movie how soon do they start?
  • A : Almost straight away, certainly within a few seconds.
  • Q : How much does it cost?
  • A : To stream the movie for 48 hours costs approx £4 and compaire that to renting a mainstream movie from Blockbuster and it's about the same - BUT you won't get any of these movies from them!
  • Q : How can I pay for the movies?
  • A : By credit card and on the statement the payment shows as
  • Q : What if the movie wont stream or work, can i get any help?
  • A : We have a "live" support system that is running 247.
  • Q : Are their any membership fees?
  • A : Nope, you only pay for what you stream so if you watch one movie it will cost £4 and if that's all you watch that's all your evey pay!
  • Q - Do I need special equipement?
  • A : You should already have one of the players installed on your PC or laptop but if not then download Realplayer or Windows Media Player which are both free.
  • Q : How fast a connection do I need to stream the movies?
  • A : From 56k upwards but as most of us are on broadband you'll be more than fine.
  • Q : Is Streaming the same as Video On Demand (VOD)?
  • A : Yes VOD is streaming.
  • Q : Can I try it for free?
  • A : Yes, use the banner above for a free 15 miutes of streaming and the great thing is once you've signed up you can stream ANY movie you like!

If you have any more questions the best place to get these answered is here, and that should answer just about everything you should need to know on streaming adult movies.

  • Q : OK sold, where do I click to start streaming adult movies?
  • A : Either hit the banner or for a full list of the movies you can watch click here...


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